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It's no sausage, but a fun thing to make yourself.

I have my Home Corned Beef Maker site finished.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

From my reading, if you smoke it, Hot Smoke to 165 F. internal, or Cold Smoke it, you will have made Pastrami from the cured Corned Beef.

I do not have the ability to smoke my Corned Beef that I make, so I have not tried Pastrami.

Maybe someone could give it a try and let me know how the Pastrami turns out?

Thanks for looking.
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Thank you Hook,

It looks like it may not be so hard after all. I have a Brinkman water pan smoker. It has been suggested to cook it slowly with the Brinkman. So, I'll give Pastrami a try pretty soon. I know the Corned Beef / Crock Pot is delicious.

I still want to know how yours comes out.

best regards,
Originally posted by Qnorth:
How about a few words on the process. Cook temp, internal temp, prep, etc.... I'd like to try this.

Hear, hear! I want to know as well. Baltimore, could you start a new thread on that, please?

Hey Jerry, thanks for the updates to your site. You've been a huge help.

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