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Did our first turkey last night in preperation of turkey day. A word of advice- read ALL of turkey 101-paid more attention to the before smoking on the site than to how long to smoke. somewhere in my old mind I was thinking 1 hour approx. per # plus the little cookbook from CS says 10-12 # for 10 hours. So- into the smoker at 11:30pm went an 11.65 lb bird beautifully preped, at 225o. Thankfully I have a remote temp probe because at 3:30 AM it started to beep. Had set probe for 170o figuring half way in-between breast and leg temps. Checked it all over with a portable temp and it was perfect. Put it in heavy foil and into refridgerator- didn't dare leave it sit out- entirely to long till dinner plus my shepard was really drooling Anyone else have a turkey smoke this quickly? We have owned our smokette 008 for about 5 months and smoke something at least once a week. I know everthing smokes differently & in its own time but I sure would like to get a better grip on the time factor before Thanksgiving. BTW 20 min. a lb would have been closer to 4 hours @ 225o ( finished reading turkey 101)
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Last year Smokin'Okie requested folks submit their experience for times,at different cook temps, on whole birds.

You may be able to use the search function,under FIND,at page top.

I guess it is about time for folks to be thinking about turkeys,since Wallyworld announced they would start Christmas at an alltime early date, of this coming week. Eeker
Check out the first link in the Turkey Forum, it has a bunch of times and details.

I've had them go that fast, but not at 225.

Stop me if you've heard this...

It's done when it's Done.

I think it's great you practiced and your lesson learned will be good going into the season.

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I've mentioned these times in previous posts about both chicken and turkey. Doesn't seem to matter how many yardbirds in my 008 (I've cooked one two and three.. Turkey takes just a HAIR longer.. about 3.5 hours for me.. I don't open the box and all my turkeys are in the 12# range.

I have one thawed in the frig waiting for dinner tomorrow.. I'll do this one in the Amerique. I guess it'll take the same time before it goes on hold.. we'll see.

Update.. in the Amerique it took just under 4 hours till it went on hold. Interesting cuz I had it cranked up to 300º and I ran the 008 at 250º ant it's usually 3.5 hrs. I thought the higher temp would cook it faster. We'll see how the next turkey times out in the Amerique.
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