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Finally made a brisket that turned out perfect, not moist, but JUICY!!! Used a nice rub that everyone liked, you tasted the beef and not the rub so much. Cooked it for 22 hours. Made the best BBQ beans on the planet. My wife hates beans and she had two servings. I was cutting the brisket in 1/4 inch slices and needed to use a wide knife to lift the slices onto the serving platter.
Here are some pictures. After we started slicing it and tasted it, we forgot all about the camera and taking more pictures. My brother in law was so impressed he getting a smoker like mine.

A perfect dinner with corn on the cob and a nice salad, the BBQ beans and brisket!!! life is indeed good!! Big Grin
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got2smoke, Yes, I baked the biscuits in my dutch oven over coals, they turned out perfect!! The other dishes I cooked in my dutch ovens are Chicken-Pot-Pie, again used fresh ingredients and it turned out perfect!!! The other dish was two cornigh game hens cooked in a dutch oven with carrots, onions, garlic and I forget what else.....falling off the bone perfection!!!

I use a Lodge Dutch Camp Oven with the three legs and a flange type lid. I placed about 15 coals under around the perimeter of the D.O. and about 20 coals on the lid.

You light the coals first (I use MatchLight), then place them using some long tongs. You can cook anything in a dutch oven, that you can cook in a regualr oven at home......I've made some really impressive dishes over the years.

I'm going to make some scallop potatoes and ham in my dutch oven at the end of this month on a camping trip, the secret is to add REAL fresh graded parmesean cheese just on the top and let it melt thru during the last 15 minutes or so....GAWD!!! what flavor!!!

And I don't mind anyone looking at any of my pics on my WebShots site, that't what it's for!!!

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Lovin' Dutch Ovens is an awesome cookbook that will make you a pro.... I have a HUGE dutch oven that I did a turkey in last year for Thanksgiving. 'done bread, pies, cake, etc. If you're into scouting or tail gate camping, ya gotta have a dutch oven.


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