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Love this forum. I got hold of a 9+ lb centercut pork loin a few days ago cause it was on sale, not knowing what to do with it. Did a pork loin search on the forum and decided brining it was the way to go. I used a brine I picked up here: 1 gal of water, .5 cup kosher salt and .5 cup white sugar, some worcestshire and 3 bay leaves. It sat in the brine for about 36 hours (due to an unexpected delay). Smoked it at 225 with a 2.5 oz hickory chunk until it reached an internal temp of 145 ( about 2.5 hours ).

This loin was unbelievable - perfectly cooked, deliciously smokey all the way through, fork tender and drippingly juicy-fantastic! The whole family raved about it!

I'm sure if it weren't for this forum, I would NOT have brined this loin, and would have WAY over-cooked it. So, thanks to all the contributors of info on pork loin within these forums for their combined wisdom. They saved my pork loin, and a pork loin, like a mind, is a terrible thing to waste.
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Hi all,

Actually this was a centercut loin, no bone, over 9 lbs. Had to cut it in half to fit it in the smoker (close to 3 ft long!). I can't believe how quickly it cooked, especially at 225 (less than 2.5 hrs). I'm convinced that the extra long brine time contributed to the drippingly-moist texture of the meat, and it wasn"t too salty at all (at least to me and my gang).

I should also note the rub I used: Tabasco mild jalapeno pepper jelly (the green one), put on just before cooking. I guess this is more of a glaze than a rub? While this may be bbq blasphemy, I simply didn't have ingredients to make my own rub, so. . .

SmokinOkie, cherry wood sounds intriguing. Is it more delicate than the hickory?
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sounds a lot better than the 'burnt offering' I prepared last time I tried to do a loin. I rubbed a 7 pound one that I had setting around in the freezer with rib rub and tried to taker'r up to 190is to pull for some all white meat bbq pork. Well, it pulled, but was not the texture I liked; although, it was very lean and white and had a good flaver. max 160 is my next adventure for BBQ whitemeat pork the chop it. We'll see. I do want to do one like your. Sounds great!

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