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well i finaly decided to go with the 50 i bought it from my local cabela's great price 799.99 didn't want to spend the money for the amerique seasoned it last night and smoked 2 slabs of st louis style and a pan of beans while at Church today the beans wern't quite done enough for me after 3.5 hrs. so finished in my toaster convection oven left the ribs in for another hour 4.5 total maybe a little over done but very good i think cs was a great choice i had my doubts but so far i am very pleased Roll Eyes


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Before I purchased the 55 I tryed the new bradley digital I recieved a bad generator they shipped me a new one out 2 days later which was great but that was bad too. I think bradley makes a good smoker but to get two bad units was to much so I took it all back what a hastle I decided to by the model 55 its nice to open up the box and see quality and so far Im glad I purchased it.

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