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ok here's our contest schedule for this year (and smokinokie you can erase my other post lol)
we will be chasing every able florida bbq association point in our 1st full year of competition except for sebring and wauchula.
the reason for missing these 2 events is peggy felt that with our pending state inspection of the rig that a month and a half window was prudent as this inspection is so important to us. our 1st year goal is to finish the year in the top 10.
this year due to delays we only got to compete in 2 events. one was fba and the other was kcbs sanction. we found that we preferred fba and after taking the advice of many long time competitors (and a long discussion with tom,and barbra, and ocalla bill and nina) we are concentrating on one group only this year. by the way thanks guys for the good advice!!!!!
we also will be using bbq'ers delight pellets exclusively after many practice runups as they suit my cooking style and the taste that i am shooting for (and no we don't get paid to use them lol)
hope to see you all out there. our rig is ez to find so stop by when you see us!!!!!
jack and peggy percifield
ps. candy sue be ready for an order next week lol
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A BANNER!!!! At our first contest I made a banner out of one of our t-shirts, lol. We won't know what to do with a real one! Have you competed in any of the IBCA comps? Not only are we very pleased with your pellets in the FE but I've experimented with them in the Cookshack SM150 for smoking a salmon. They work well in it also. I had hickory wood chunks but wanted to try whatever kind Jack was using in the FE. The salmon was delicious. Smokin would kick me for not taking notes! Good thing I'm more than a leg's length away!!!

I've judged one IBCA contest back in 2000 and competed in one this past November. Only thing that didn't get whooped upon was pork butt. Got 10th place. Made final table in chicken (halves), but it was way overdone. FE got some funny comments from a bunch of stick burners. There was an hour between turn ins. Messed my schedule right up and I was sick of the extra time by the time butt turn in came around. Plus, I was really tired. At a really big IBCA contests(like Traders Village) there's 2 hours between turn ins! I actually won a free entry there...but no electric and a couple of other things made me decide that smaller comps would be okay, but big ones I'm not ready.

Fellow on another list I'm on made a really slick little database for keeping notes. Think I'm going to use it! I'll try to remember to send it to you. You and Jack doing Felda? If so, good luck!

Happy New Years!
Originally posted by 2greyhounds:
[qb] Smokin would kick me for not taking notes! Good thing I'm more than a leg's length away!!!
Peggy [/qb]
Peggy I have contacts in Florida...they'll be contacting you soon about this transgretion. Don't be telling us how good something is without sharing.

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