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Let's see...

I'm guessing you got a two pack from Sam's? So they're fairly big, right?

If they're over 6 pounds I put one in the middle and one on the top. I set one to the left and the other to the right so each can get a good amount of smoke.

Only adjust the rack holders if you have moved them up for some reason and the top rack won't fit a butt.

225 will work just as well as it did for the other butts. They should be done about the same time if the single butts you smoke are the same size as these.

Depending on how smokey you like your butts you can put in from 4-8 oz of wood. If you were happy with the smoke flavor of your single butts then you can use the same amount as then and your double butts should be similar. Usually adding butts doesn't mean you add more wood.
Good info. Anyone done 4 in a 50?

I got two boneless butts from Costco. They were about 6 lbs each and cut up pretty bad. I've got them on the top rack. I've got 2, 8 lb picnics (bone in) on the lower rack. They went into a warm smoker this morning at 6:00. I've got a probe in the thickest part of one of the picnics. Right now it's about 12:30, they've been in for 6.5 hours and the temp says 191. Am i to assume my probe may be in a fat pocket or??? i'm pretty sure it's up against the bone. I don't really want to open it up. Any suggestions or instructions? is that too much meat for the 50?

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