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Smoked my first butt, and it was expensive. If I never do another it may have just been worth it. I havent had that good of Q... ever. I plan on doing many, many more to help offset the cost of the first one! (by the turned out WONDERFUL!) No problems, The butt wasnt expensive - I just spent $450 on a used 50 and got to try it for the first time last night/today. Smoked a 9# butt - started at 11:30 last night, pulled it out at 11:30 this morning. Wife & I had some for supper and WOW...Daddy Like! I do feel bad for the may not get alot of action from now on. Not to mention the favorite BBQ joint that wont be getting any more business from me!

Thanks to everyone who has posted questions and answers on this forum. I followed recommendations of others in preparing-smoking-wrapping, etc.

Hey Donna, how about a cookshack referral reward program - I already got info to someone who will likely buy a smokette after seeing what my old 50 can do. (build date of 6/7/88 and serial # p010)

Cant wait to see what it can do when the temp probes arrive and I get some decent wood to smoke with. This one was a guess - and I got lucky with the results. What a breeze using these units.

Thanks again fellow Q'ers. Pandora's box has just been opened!!!!

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John, that's great! I am glad that you like your smoker and the food that comes out of it.

As for the referral program, we don't have anything formal in place, although we have talked about it. If your friend does buy a Smokette, shoot me an email and I'll send you a token of our appreciation. Smiler

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