5 racks in a smokette?

Maybe I've lost my mind (my wife would swear to it), but I thought I remembered reading that CS sells grid racks with 5 slots, so you could have 5 grids in a smokette. Now, I can't find that message and have searched for everything I can think of.

It seems like 5 grids would add significantly to the rib capacity of the smokette. If you lay the ribs flat, you could get at least 1 full rack (cut in half) on each grid, maybe more. Has anyone else tried this?
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must have been a dream (wifes side lol j/k) i dont think you can get 5 grids (racks) in a smokette you can do 3 full racks (cut in half) thats all i know they dont have anything on there site for 5 grids from what i can see but it could be made custom for the ribs cus the rib are about 2'' tall you could get 5 grids in there if it was custom made that is. jeff
It was just under $50 for the custom made side racks and 2 more shelves.

Call Tony at Cookshack. He can hook you up.

I love mine. Not only do the 5 slot side racks give you more capacity for ribs, they sometimes give you more versatility when cooking other things.

I can post a picture if you like.

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