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How many of our longer time cooks have served steaks to the guests that only eat well done, by dim or candle light ,so they could slip them that med rare,prime steak and listen to them marvel" that it was the best they ever tasted"? Big Grin

Yep,up until the early 1920 s trichnosis could be had from domestic,as well as wild meat.

Don't think many folks have verified the domestic since.

Our better trained Chef s may take that they consume to 137* for the one minute-since most folks think that clobbers the little rascals.

Let it rest as it rises several more degrees.

The folks hot cooking a small pork tenderloin around 335* may only get 5 degrees carry over.

The cook ,cooking an 8 lb pork loin at 350*,may get as much as an 8* carryover.

Either way, safe discriminating diners gain the benefit of experienced cooks, rather than gov't trial lawyers preparing their meals.

Like me,some of you probably still have the old family cookbooks that demand 180* as a very minimum for that pork potroast that may have been held over 300* for several hrs.

Oh well,just think how much gravy was made and ketchup sold. Big Grin

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