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First of all HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone.

I have just one question.

I've done oodles of butts, briskets, wimgs etc.

I'm doing my first Pork PIcnic Shoulder Roast.

I'm going to slather, rub and all the other various thing one does to his meat.

My question.................Skin side up or down?

Just wondering.....Thanks in advance.

After posting this I realized it probably should have been in the Open Forum.

Can't figure out how to move it. Sorry!!!
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As always you are so correct, the skin was tough to peel back but,(after two adult beverages of thinking about it) I feel it was worth it.

I believe it afforded me the best of both worlds...Some good rub in the right place(under the skin and on the meat)and the skin juices carrying that flavor to all the right places.

Thanks for the reply.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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