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My first visit to the Cookshack forum was about 9 years ago when I purchased a SM090. Life got hectic (marriage + step-son) and I took a few years off until several months ago when I purchased an FEC100 and became active in the forums again.

Then and now,I'm impressed by the dedication and effort SmokinOkie puts forth towards this forum as one of the premier internet sources of barbecue knowledge.

No doubt, SmokinO will probably step in with an, "aw shucks" comment, but I thinks he deserves a round of applause for all his effort.

Can I get an, "Amen" for Russ and all the time he's dedicated towards this forum?

Thanks Smokin!
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OK. Amen to that. Actually, I was contemplating the same type of post. Glad you beat me to it MaxQue.

Smokin's dedication to barbecue and all of us is nothing short of amazing. He has helped to create a fun place to visit, learn, and develop our cooking skills. I look forward to my daily visits to this site just to see what folks have to say. Picking up cooking tidbits or a new recipe is just a bonus. It's actually fun helping and contributing where I can.

Thanks much Smokin. Your tireless efforts are greatly appreciated. Hopefully, you get repaid when you see some of us slow learners eventually make it to decent cooks.
Have to agree with what everyone has said. I know I've learned a ton about BBQ over the last six months... just wish I would have stumbled upon this forum sooner!

Smokin, your 101's are a treasure trove of knowledge that so many of us cooks, especially us newbies, are grateful to have!

Here's to an awesome forum and those who keep it that way!
Originally posted by twofer:
If you know this forum, you have met Smokin. That is where the dedication shows through.

You know, I appreciate tha thought. I want you guys to feel like you know me. That says I'm getting through to with my info.

Happy to help.


yes Coach, keep an eye on Chris (MaxQue), he's been around the block a few times with this forum. Don't know why he left or how he found us, I thought we changed the website address. Big Grin
+1 on all comments above. Came to this forum with zero smoking experience, and now have all these pesky neighbors bugging me everytime I fire it up! Plus, I was able to introduce my backward Georgia family to (gasp) mustard based sauce, the recipe pulled right from his posts! Although my wife remains a sweet sauce fan, my two sons always reach for the yellow plastic container shamelessly relabled as "Dad's Sauce". Wink

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