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Want to cook Beans at the same time you're doing your brisket?

Follow AAHH's idea (copied from original post)

AAHH's Brisket Beans
  • Beans - 2 small cans pinto beans (1 drained)

  • 1 large can Van de Camps Baked Beans

  • 1 onion (coarse chop)

  • 1/2 Green Pepper (coarse chop)

Smoked under briskets, let the drippings fall in (and overflow!!). Drain/skim off fat (there's a lot) and leave the drippings.

I added ketchup, brown sugar and worstechire sauce after they were done. No rhyme or reason, just added enough of each until they tasted good to me.

Sorry that I did not take a finished picture of those.


AAHH'S Original Brisket post
Original Post

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I think cooking the beans underneath the brisket is a great idea and intend to try it if someone can answer one question. In the owners manual (I have a Smokette) it states that you've got to be careful using the lower shelf so you don't block heat, smoke and magic from the food on the upper shelves. Clearly a pan of beans on the bottom blocks considerable eh? (Put the eh in for local colour) Comments?

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