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I'll try to keep this brief. After perusing these forums, and the recommendation in the manual, I decided to season my new 009 with a "fatty" piece of meat. The hardest part was finding a fatty piece of meat, as I know nothing about it, except I like it. I ended up getting a 3.35lb pork shoulder with bone. It looked fatty. That was the best I could do on short notice.

The drill: I rubbed it with cajun spice, crushed black pepper/crushed red pepper mix, and cayenne pepper. Set up smoker, attached Maverick thermometer, forgot to get a scale, put in 2 larger chopped up pieces of supplied wood and another smaller piece. (The bigger pieces wouldn't allow the top of the lid to close). Put in at 8:50P local time, middle rack, set temp to 210. I started low as I wanted to smoke it all night. I thought an all night smoke on 3.35lb would about vaporize it, but seasoning was the goal. Before hitting the rack, I upped the temp to 225 for a bit, but lowered it back to 210-215 at 1000P.

At 820A meat temp 161, unit temp 180. Added golf ball size piece of wood ( I figured if I over smoked it, I might as well go all the way). Upped temp to 250. Took out at 1115A - 14h20m total cook time. Meat temp 193, unit temp 230. I figured the meat wouldn't be fit for a dog. I have attached a pic of it.

Well, the meat was fit for a dog - ME. It was so moist on the inside, I couldn't believe it. It was the best pork I have had since a pig roast years ago. I also liked the blackened part, although I have no idea how over blackened it is. The learning process shall begin.

I mixed some of the included barbeque sauce, some hot sauce, and some more cayenne. Since I ate so much pulling it, I but the mixed batch in the fridge.

I learned some lessons on this, and will post them in that section. All I can say is, when people say it is hard to screw this up, they are certainly right. Thanks for all the info on these forums.


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I see the bull frog and the owl. Not sure I would have without the prompt, but my eye is untrained to Qing. At first glance, does this look like it received too much smoke? I didn't have a scale to weigh the wood. I certainly enjoyed it. I used a smaller piece of meat because I thought I was sacrificing it in order to season the smoker. I will do two bigger ones next time. I can see using this thing a lot in the winter. Thanks for the comments.
Capt Q...

Good job. The smoker looks like you got a good start on the seasoning.

The finished butt is supposed to look like a meteor. The black/brown 'crust' is called bark.

You only oversmoked it if your tastebuds tell you so. If you liked it, it was just right.

Looks more like a pork shoulder blade roast to me, but then I never saw a butt that small before. (sounds wierd)

Next time, get a bigger butt or a shoulder, start it turned all the way up and keep it there without opening the door until the butt is at least 195*. Whatever rub you use on the whole butt you can sprinkle on the pulled pork if it needs more flavor. If you want sauce, drizzle a little on a hotdog bun, add the pulled pork, top with KFC slaw. Can't get no better than that sammich.

You can find a clone recipe on the net for KFC slaw.

Cheers !

Before you pull it, take a slicing knife and cut off a fair amount of the bark. Chop it up and then mix it back in the meat when you pull it. It really disperses the spicy flavor of the bark throughout the meat.

GLH is right on...the spice and "heat" of the pork, with a tangy vinegar/tomato sauce, topped with a sweet slaw like the KFC recipe, turns a simple sandwich into a pretty complex tasting sammich. The blend of flavors is amazing.

I am on my way to the kitchen to use some left over pork and make some machacas for breakfast. Razzer
Originally posted by cronyism sucks:
When you get your scale you'll really be able to experiment.

Hope you have fun with your new cookshack!

Also, only your tastebuds will tell you when you go overboard.

Check that....tastebuds and STOMACH. As I've gotten older I've come to appreciate the beauty of a lighter smoke. Less burping and heartburn means I can enjoy more bbq! Big Grin

No intent on hijacking the thread, but your comment about heartburn caught my attention. I've had a lot of that in the past and was taking meds to control it.. would wake me up at night with it going into my throat.. bad stuff.

Anyhow, many years ago I had read about the benefits of honey and vinegar mix. Never really tried it.. but, I recently heard about the benefits of apple cider vinegar for heartburn. Seems counter intuitive.. but, if you suffer from it.. it might be, like me, from an insufficient generation of stomach acid. I now take two shot glasses of ACV before brushing my teeth and going to bed. It really works. If taken alone, be sure to rinse well as the acid is not good for teeth.

BTW, when I first started taking the ACV.. it was a face cringing moment.. but, no longer.. guess I acclimated to it. Smiler

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