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No pictures. Too much trouble. I have it set up for this weekend.

I have a large (maybe 10 inch diam.) steel strainer that I pushed up the middle to make a kind of hump in the middle. This leaves a round ditch in the screen between the hump and the rim. Kinda like a Mexican Sombrero.

I put 1/3 cup BBQ Deligh flavor pellets on one side (furthest from left) so they kinda go around in a crecent about halfway.

I had an old small grate from my old stick burner.

I propped the bottom on the left side on bottome inside the smoker, and the top comes up and rests on the angled pitch of the roof of the fire shield.

The strainer has a metal handle, and a little metal loop on the other end of the round frame.

I put the handle through the top rung of the old grate and I put the metal loop over the hole that feeds the pellets.

I had to lift the fire shield about a quarter inch or less to stick the metal loop underneath.

It is wedged nice and tight and is way out of the way of any Pellet travel area.

My plan is to set the IQ at a low temperature at first to combine smoke from pot and strainer to see if one hour will do it.

Not knowing what to start with, I guess I will try 160. (feedback on this part appreciated)

Then after one hour, I will ramp it up to my hot and fast temperature I like to use which is around 300.

It's brisket.

I will let everyone know what happens after Father's Day.

Proud owner of an FEC 100
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If posting photos is a problem, the PIC post mentions that you can email them to me, and I can put them on the server. I'm sure others will be interested in your experiments.

If I remember right from your other post this week, you haven't tried the low temp first method, have you?

I'd suggest making that experiment #4.

Some "flavor" is SOOOOOOOOOOO subjective, if you think it needs more, go for it.

So, what were experiments #1 & 2?

No I have not tried the low temp only method yet. I am trying to figure out how not to go an extra two hours on my cooks. I am trying to cut down time, so I am thinking one hour at 160 for smoke combination with my setup above, and then ramp up temperature.
Experiment 1 was a pan with wood chunks in it with the corner over edge of fire pot. I had 6 chunks of 3x3, or so sized post oak in there. Cooked with it and got only a slight partial burn on the wood through the cook and not much smoke flavor still.

The second experiment was to take the sombrero like set up in the post above and try to light one end with a torch and set on the bottom rack to the side under some shoulders. It must have fizzled shortly after I closed the door because all the pellets were still there at the end of cook.

This experiment failed at beginning.

I chose cook mode.

I set the cook temp to 160, and hit start.

The boys and I waited for smoke smell and it came in a minute more or less.

We went into the house and I came back out 20 minutes later and the oven temperature was at 230 degrees.

So I just hit reset and ramped it up to cook temperature.

It's cruising along now in probe mode.


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