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I smoked a 12lb packer cut this holiday (which took about 18 hours at 225 degrees) and about more than half way through I burned through the 4oz of hickory I was using. Any thoughts on adding more wood during the smoking? By the time the wood had completely burned the internal temp was somewhere between 140 and 148 degrees. I have read that once the internal temp reaches this level that the pores in the meat are likely to have closed and therefore will not absorb any additional smoke flavor. As an aside, next time I smoke a 12lb packer cut I think I am going to use closer to 6oz of wood.
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Smoke is an individual taste sensation. If the finished result needed more, do what you're thinking and add more next time.

As some point, around 140 (but I've no proof of that temp, yet) the smoke won't penetrate. You WILL continue to get wood flavor on the outside (but it could also turn dark/nasty) if too much.

Experiment and let us know what you think.

I added more wood at the halfway point of a packer cut brisket once and it was a bad idea. The result was a very bitter overpowering taste. I like smoke taste, but this was way too strong. I have never done that again. The great thing about constantly learn from your mistakes on your way toward perfection.
This thread has me thinking my method is not correct. This is what I do, (on my old smoker that I just replaced). I'll place maybe 40-50 briquets in the fire box and once those get going and are turning ashy, I place two or three peices of Mesquite on the fire. The temp usually climbs up to around 230F and will maintain for a couple of hours. Once the temp begins to slowly drop, I'll throw another piece or two on the fire to bring it back up. My briskets are definetly dark dark dark on the outside, but not bitter tasting, (very smoky, but not bitter). It sounds like you guys are saying one should prepare the fire with enough material for the entire burn, and not place any additional wood on it at all during the smoke? If this is the case, I guess I'd need to build one heck of a big fire up front then, huh?

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