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Originally posted by cal:
Call me crazy, but I'm gonna cook in the AR this year, just got my assignment. Lot "B" space 771, anyone that is visiting is welcome to come by and say hey!

Hope to see a few forum members cooking???

Did you get it by email or snail mail? Still waiting for mine
Originally posted by Nordy:
Stuart Powell - Cookshack
Fast Eddy will be there...
David Qualls - The American Dream BBQ Team
Dave Bouska - ButcherBBQ

Dr. Nordy's will not be competing, but I'm going and will be helping out Qualls... as if he needs any help...

After these past two weeks I need a lot of help !!!

I was told when I registered that I could get 789 or 798 if i registered for it today so I did. $1,800 later I get 258 according to the letter in the mail and the new map doesn't even show space 789 any longer....

I will be calling on Tuesday. I don't have a lot of tolerance for partying neighbors....
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Originally posted by JerinVA:


Congrats. Are you cooking the invitational or the open?

Gonna do both, since I'm there for the Invitational.

Thanks Tom, I'll take my bottle of wine to sip and leave the dark side to those that want to see the circus.

Hey David!,

I've struggled a little the last two times out,ya know, trying to over think things. I'm gonna cook the way I practiced for a few months and if it doesn't work...well, there's always next year and another comp too cook. My CS teacher taught me to be methodic about my cooking and I think he was probably correct...lesson learned, should have listened to a GREAT cook to start with.
cal,keep in mind to stay consistent.

There is always a chance that a judge will do something like sausage and dessert,as well as the main four.

Also,TC may well have to do judging at their table,so maybe many,many categories to judge.

Quality may well be at a premium.

Think a dozen items to judge.

Remember why you are there.


Look at it as an experience-not "the best of the best",altho the good cooks will often drift towards the top.

I have confidence in you!

Learn something and keep moving ahead.

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