On my last cook, I put on two pork butts before going to bed. When I got up the next morning, the smoker (an Amerique) was set to OFF. I immediately pusted the start button to check if the smoker had already finished the cook. The temperature probe read 147° and the cooker was at 162°. I check for me and it was clearly not cooked. I thought it was safe to restart, so I continued the cook but the pork butts turned out very dry. There was evidence of a momentary power outage in the kitchen. Clocks had to be reset, etc.

Is there any way to take care of this particular problem? Has anyone ever had similar problems? Is there any easy solution?

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that is how the AmQ is set up. With any lose of power it resets to off. No easy work around that I know of.
There are some old posts about this from Stuart, but it's basically by design.

Unless you run it on battery backup, uninterruptable power, it would happen.

I'm not sure "dry" was caused by the cook but what you don't know is at what temp did it turn off. So it was still food safe, above 140 and you cooked it.

Cover it with a bunch of sauce (good when PB gets too dry) and eat away.
Funny, why with my 025 if the power goes off it comes back on, no problem, but with the Amerique it doesn't?? Kind of strange wouldn't you think???
strange indeed. One is a 'potential' fire hazard while the other is 'purported' food safety matter. How to decide???

wonder how an FE responds to power interuptions.
I'm glad my Elite comes back on should there be a power failure. Not really concerned about a fire hazard since we let it stay on all night while we sleep. Wonder why Cookshack doesn't design them all that way.
You know, someone should call CS on Monday and ask.

Always get the right answer from them.

The units, which have only been out since the 60's in various models will have SOME differences Wink
I have a 1500 watt APC UPS that was given to me by a customer and it's not quit enough to run the AmeriQue. I am looking for a deal on a 2500 to 3000 watt one to use just in case this happens.

Actually just retested the 1500 watt APC and it will work. I had 2 servers plugged in when I tested it before, thought they were off and they had powered back up.

So, I do have a UPS I can use so I don't get messed up from a short power outage. YEAH!!
I have 3 pork butts I am putting on tomorrow for a work lunch-in on Monday.
We rarely have more than a few second outage.
Now I'm cooking with gas smoke Big Grin
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