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Trying to do a poll and see if any other owners have had rack and probe interface problem.
With side rails in highest position I slide rack in and hits end of probe and door cannot be closed.
With side rails in lowest position can then slide in rack but loose use of lowest position.
Just curious to see if this is a isolated condition or not!
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With the siderails in the highest position, I too hit the probe/shield. Using the lowest sliderail positon, I have clear access to all the slots. I'm not sure what you're describing when you say you lose use of the lowest position. Are you referring to the bottom slot? Mine just clears the woodbox using the bottom most slot.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Gentleman for your very quick responses.
I sent 9 pictures of interference problem and couple of back and forth emails.
Did speak with Cookshack, today.
The problem stemmed from a change in probe, and form fit and function not applied to Murphy's Law!
I can just live with problem, take my unit back for fix or get special set of rails fabricated, upon me submitting accurate measurements from top of cabinet interior to center of probe tip.
Corrections are in place for future manufacturing of this smoker, based upon concerns from us smoker's.
Folks were very prompt in answering my information request email, and fixes to suit my needs are in place.
Cannot beat a deal like that!!!!!!!
Tony with Customer service told me that a few Ameriques were shipped that had the temp probe mounted in the wrong spot. The turret punch was referenced to the wrong dimensions. He is sending me a new set of side rails that will allow the use of the bottom slot.

Once again, superb customer service from CookShack.

I too had the same problem with my new AmeriQue. I called Cookshack and spoke with Tony. He immediately sent me 2 new side rails that have been redeisgned to correct the problem. Call Tony and give him the serial number of your AmeriQue and he will get your problem fixed. Cookshack customer service is the best!
I had the side rail issue with the probe as well. Tony had new rails sent out. The new rails work, but appear not to have as much room between shelves. I offered to send back the original racks, but Tony said not necessary. My father and I decided to experiment on the original side rails, increasing the lower slot on the rail by drilling out and using a Dremel to feather the groove. Now the original shelve hangs slightly lower on the highest position, but the rack now sits below the probe.


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