A new AmeriQueue in on the way, I can't wait! I was looking through the owner's manual online while drooling. I assume this unit can be set up to cook to temp or to a time or both?
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Use time as a very general guideline cause it's done when it's done. Cook to temp then confirm with some simple checks you'll learn here. You'll get great, consistent results. You're gonna love your smoker.
I recently got my Amerique too, and it is, without doubt, the best and easiest to use smoker I've ever had. I love mine.
you will definitely enjoy your new AmQ. To answer your question, you can set the timer for timed cooking and the temp will go to the preset 140 holding temp when the time counts down; the timer then starts counting up to indicate the amount of time in the hold mode. Same with using the temp probe; set the desired doneness temp and when the meat gets to the preset temp the unit goes to the preset hold temp.
I ordered the AQ on Friday from Cabela's and CS says it should ship in 7-14 days. I've been passing the time reading these forums and drooling. I have a sparerib addiction and can't wait to make some ribs, was hoping to do them for July 4 but it might not be in the cards.

I am also a gadget addict and have lots of toys that I think I will be getting a lot more use out of with a smoker. For example...a Kitchen Aid with the meat grinder attachment that I've used once in 5 years. I was just browsing the sausage forum and I can't wait to try making andouille!! Of course this means I am already thinking about which accessories I should get for the AQ. Other than a cover of course.

Patience is not one of my strong points!!
Andouille is my favorite sausage, and there are no good sources of it available where I live. I bring back a bunch every time I go to Baton Rouge, but I'd rather learn to make my own.

I just ordered casings, cures, and a couple of new grinding plates with larger size holes for my grinder from Allied Kenco. Should be here soon, although I'm not sure I want to make sausage until it gets a little cooler here.
Just got word that my new AQ is shipping today!! Based on transit times, it's possible I will have it before the weekend. Fingers and toes are crossed! Can't check the tracking info until later tonight.
Sweet!!!,Just make sure you get it seasoned while there is someone at CS, DON'T wait till Sat. and that would be soooo sad.

What ya cooking 1st?
Cal. Don't scare him. Most of these things work/season just fine. In the rare event help is needed, we're here till CS' next business day.
The tracking info says it will be delivered Friday! Not sure how they can get it to western NY from OK in 3 days but I'm not complaining!! I'll fire it up as soon as it gets here to season it, then I plan on doing a butt or 2 for the holidays. Probably 2, and then get out the FoodSaver that hasn't been used in awhile. Ribs after that, then maybe a turkey to play around.

I don't want to get your hopes up, but I have a boy that goes to college in Burlington, VT., just to show you how smart I am. I will send him a $20 box of goodies by UPS, it will take $25 to ship, but it is ALWAYS there in 3 working days and I'm live pretty close to OK.

What a deal.(LOL)! Have some FUN with that new smoker,your gonna love it!

Might make sure you read up on those darn old turkeys, ya want to be food safe with them.
cal I can beat you on that one, I just smoked two buts and 15 lbs of jerky for my buddy who lives on the east coast. i sent the resulting meat ups overnight along with 5 lbs of dry ice to him yesterday. Today the shipping clerk at work gave me the ups charge and they had to call 911

lets just say that is the most expensive 18 lbs of shipping on the planet.

The cost per pound of bbq would make Rockefeller wince.
FedEx called yesterday to set up today's delivery time. I told them anytime before 4 PM. Checked tracking today and it's in town but says Scheduled delivery 4 PM. :-|

The waiting is the hardest part!!

By the way, if I go missing, my wife stuffed me in the smoker!!
Get ready for some fun and good eatin! I got my Q last fall, absolutely NO REGRETS! I am still learning and trying new things, but there are plenty of folks here to help.
I think the guy was toyin with me! He just left, it's HERE!! He was chuckling and saying how bad it would have been if he did not make it before the 4th!!

Tomorrow, we season. Saturday, we smoke. Thanks all for waiting it out with me and see you on the other side!!
Seasoning has started!

I think...

Unit came with the wrong manual and the one online doesn't quite match my controller. I don't see how to just turn it on and let it go until I turn it off. It seems to force me to choose a temp and a cooking time. I don't want to set a cooking time.
Originally posted by pigskins:
... It seems to force me to choose a temp and a cooking time. I don't want to set a cooking time.

You HAVE to set a cooking time, otherwise it would be unsafe and could stay on for days.

Just set a long duration, say 12 hours or more and it will be fine.

Check it out this morning and ANY questions, don't come to the forum, call CS, they'll be happy to help you out. They aren't open on weekends and it's usually during the first period that any issues typically show up.

Oh, and tell them about the manual, they need to know that from you and they don't read the forum much.

Congrats and good smokin'
Smokin, the only time I ever set a time was when I seasoned my new empty Amerique for 4 or 5 hours. I have never set a cook time since then. I only set a probe temperature.

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