Ok so I was up at 6 AM and put 3 chunks of wood and set the temp to 225 for 6 hours. Within minutes beautiful smoke was coming out of the top.

At some point during the 6 hours the AQ was in direct sunlight and condensation formed inside the controller LCD screen. Customer support said I should remove the controller and let it air out.

At the end of 6 hours, the wood is barely charred. I mean, there are parts that are black but to me it looks like the wood can be reused! So it leads me to a question... how far back does the wood box slide? I thought I read in the manual that the box should slide all the way back to the back of the smoker but this design seems to not allow it to slide that far back. I can send a picture if needed. Most of the heating element is not covered as the box is not that big and does not slide back that far.

Comments? I have a few more hours before customer service closes if I need them. Smiler
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sounds like the wood box design may have changed. The wood burns best when place over the bends in the heating element. My box is designed so as to only allow wood in the very front and over these bends. Perhaps an image would help.
Yes, when I called Tony back he said the design changed and the manual has not been updated. He shared some other pointers with me including the fact that he never foils the heat shield, just lets the juices drip then scrape when done. And other cleaning pointers.

I'm thankful for all of the pictures posted because after seeing all of your "well-seasoned" smokers I am not as concerned about the appearance of the inside of the smoker!
Not really but I thought it had to do with the new design. It sounded as if people were foiling the wood box cover and this new design of the wood box meant the heat shield did not need to be foiled..??

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