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Fellow Amerique owners help me out with this... I got my smoker 4 days ago and had to have Tony send out a new circuit board to replace my defective one. Since installed, I placed 4 pieces of Hickory in the unit box and tried to season it over 10 hours at 250 degrees. Although the unit did heat up, there was minimal "smoke output". I placed dry wood in there. . .was I supposed to soak the wood for 20+ minutes first?? After running for 8-10 hours, the inside smelled smoky and was hot, yet there was no black residue on the interior as expected (that's the goal of seasoning, right?).
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1. What there any color change on the walls? It won't turn "black" for some time, doesn't have to, it builds up

2. The wood that burned, was it consumed, ash or unburned?

FYI, ALL of the old theories about soaking wood to burn just are wrong. They "smolder" and create an inpure burn. You don't have to SEE some to GET smoke. Best smoke is the clear/blue smoke.

We'll help you out. More specifics/details will help us zero you in.

Best of luck.

Thanks for the responses. . .Well, actually I was surprised to see that the wood was not burned at evidence of consumption whatsoever. The thermometer of the unit read approx. 250 degrees and there definitely was heat generated . I'm trying placement of the wood in the lower section of the wood box. I thought it was to be placed in the upper portion, just under the roof once you open the housing, but this location didn't produce any results. We'll see. Is there supposed to be direct contact between the heating element and the metal of the wood box?
Like GLH said.. call CSCS,Customer Service @ CookShack.

Here's what I did with my 008.. I lifted the en of the heater coil until it was level with the support bracket for the smoke box. This allowed the coil to touch the bottom of the box. It transfers heat much more efficiently and didn't seem to have any ill effect on the heater coil after many runs. This was my solution for getting a better burn and the wood now burns very completely.

I haven't had to do that with my AQ.
I too did not get the wood to turn to ash at all during my first seasoning. After reading this tip on some of the threads I then placed the drip pan half filled with water into the smoker on a rack with the same amount of wood as before. This simulates having some meat in there. Worked perfect. Wood burned down to ash. I did not get a dark patina until several smokes so be patient. The first one or two only produced a bronze-like color. Hope this helps.

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