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This is a total newbie question....Just seasoned my new Smokin tex 1400 with 8 onces of supplied wood (THEY SAID IT WAS OAK)which was four blocks worth. I had the smoker on for four hours at 215. When the four hours was up, one piece of wood was total gone, two others were black and partially gone and one block was blackened by still solid. I just want to get a sense of how wood burns in this type of smoker. Is that to be expected? Why did one piece totally turn to ask, and why did the others behave differently?

Going out to BJ's to get some ribs for smokin tomorrow and I want to make sure I'm getting off on the right foot.

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I'd guess that the wood at the front of the firebox burned to ash and the other chunks were further back? It seems the heating element is hottest at the loop in front. Also, the element might be closer to the underside of the firebox up front. At 215* and an empty smoker the element wouldn't have to be on as much to maintain the temp, when you toss your ribs in and go for 225* for 5+ hrs. you'll see a difference. HTH.
Thanks Guys-

Wheelz, I think I'll tak your advice and start with the butt. I want to get things set up just right. The only problem might be my timing. I'll have to head up to BJ's tonight and pick up the ribs and butt. Rub the ribs and put them back in the fridge for smokin on friday night or saturday, rub the butt but put it in the smoker right away so I can put it in tonight for completion tomorrow when I get home from work. The rub won't have a chance to penetrate, so if the flavor is a litttle dull, I'll just add a little someting extra to it after I pull, either in my vinegar sauce or just directly to it. These are good problems to have!

The ribs I'll either have to do after I take out the butt or on saturday morning. I'll let you know how it all turns out. Cool
Sounds like a plan Hack! I usually start my butts 9:00 - 10:00 PM with the smoker set on 180˚ and crank it up to 225˚ early in the AM.

Don't forget to line the bottom of the smoker and the top of the wood box with foil. Poke a hole in the bottom liner and put your drip pan under it.

Best of luck to you! Big Grin

8 pounder in at 9:30 pm. I've smoked maybe 3 dozen butts in my water smoker but this is my virgin attempt on the new smoker. It's like a first date with a hunk of pork. I'm pretty excited abd can hardly wait until the morning when I check the temp. If all goes according to plan, I'll be pulling sometime tomorrow afteroon. Then, as soon as that butt comes out, three racks of ribs are ready to move right on in. Life is good!

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