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Since Pags was kind enough to give his meatloaf recipe. Thought I donate one of my favorites for meat balls. The recipe came from a januine Roman Catholic Eyetalian Lady from Noo Yawk City who ran a Deli and BBQ joint in Colleyville, TX. Her name is Annie Mooney of course. Since closed but did manage to pilfer her recipe afore she departed. She used em for making meatball sandwiches but reckon a person could use em for whutever purpose a meatball might be used. As I recall it went something like this:

"Annie Mooney's New Yawk Eyetalian Meatballs"

1 lb. lean ground beef
1 lb. bulk Italian sausage
10-12 cloves fresh minced garlic or more (is impossible to get too much)
1 cup Progresso brand Eyetalian breadcrumbs..soaked in water
2 eggs
1 t. oregano
1/2 cup fresh grated Parmesiam cheese
1 t. salt (suit yourself on the the salt but remember the sausage packs a bunch sometimes)
1 t. black pepper
3 16 oz. cans tomato sauce (use three different brands of sauce)
2 T. red wine or 2 t. sugar

Soak the bread crumbs in water for about 15 mins then drain and squeeze out
some of the water...still want it pretty moist. Mix up everything except
the sauce and the wine. Form into meatballs about 1 inch diameter. Add the
wine to the sauce and bring to a simmer in a non-reactive pan. Add the
meatballs, cover and simmer with a lid till done..about an hour. Check occasionally and
if you get any grease floating on top of the sauce..dip it out with a spoon.

She served them as a sandwich on hoagy rolls..with meatballs down the middle
covered with sauce. Fresh grated Mozzarella (sic) on top. Toasted up in the
oven just a little. Bunch of napkins on the side. The reason for the three different brands of sauce was because she say one brand was too sweet..the other too salty etc. If you mix em up it supposed to give a mo well balanced flavor profile. If you dont have any wine sub out a t. or two of sugar. She claimed the wine or sugar cut the acid..but I don't see how since wine is acidic it can cut much acid. I just repeating it as I was tole. Eyetalian meatballs are always poached in sauce. They dont let them see the fire. That is the way Sicilians do it. Thats why they are in the Mafia so heavy most likely.

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Sounds good. I usually use..Hunts..Del Monte and Progresso. Tried some with some built in Basil in it one time. Made it taste pretty funky. We dont use the John Heinz-Kerry brand. Big Jar of good Marinara sauce should work ok.

PS..Edit..Since yall seem to be interested in Mediterranean type cuisine..guess I could share my world famous Pasta Puttnesca recipe (which I got from a nice lady in Utah) one of these days. I usually only charge five bucks to email it to folks. I could prob trust yall..if you decide to make it you send in the five bucks? It will be the honor system. Like not trying to short change the blind buy selling pencils at the courthouse. It can make folks chunk rocks at lesser variants..for anybody who happens to know what is it? Let me know. Thanks.
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