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In our last discussion of where to acquire good packers,or heritage pork,here is one I didn't mention.

Quality Briskets and Pork

Often in discussions about what it takes to get good brisket,I offer that your finished product is often determined by the quality of your starting/raw untrimmed product.

The comp cooks often want the largest briskets they can find,as there could be more quality pieces they might offer the judges.

Briskets can be so different that many comp cooks will cook two,or three, large packers and decide from the finished products.

From this supplier you can see that a single comp packer might run between $120 to $210.

Not the meals you might want to serve the entire neighborhood for Labor Day,but what might make sense when you figure out your overall cost of a comp-if you win or lose. Eeker
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A couple years ago Coach and I (+2 others) entered the Chest To Chest Brisket contest in Great Bend, KS. The cost of a couple SRF Waygu 16 lb briskets was just over $200 + almost that again in S&H charges. We missed 1st and the only money by .003 of a point...ouchies.

Given today's meat prices, it must cost a make that large fortune to cook enough contests to be considered TOY or The Jack or Royal. Kudos to you guys who slug it out every week.
Kinda like running for a major political office.

Fortunately,the little guy might learn to cook and get "the walk",instead of the guy with the fanciest rig and most expensive meat supplier that thinks that is "the secret"to being the best.

Now,I know the comp cooks out there are thinking,"you have to get in the game more often to land on the hot table". Roll Eyes

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