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Greetings all,

This 50 year old with a 10 year olds impatience is non-stop thinking about his coming Amerique. I could have been one of the very first owner's, but I chickened out and cancelled my order some months ago. In one sense I'm glad that I did, because from what I've read, the firebox has been improved to let the wood chunks smolder better. My order has been resurrected, and I'm more anxious and exicted than words could say. I did end up with a ceramic cooker that uses lump charcoal. I LOVE it (great pizzas)- - -but the lure of true low and slow in an electric sealed unit has seduced me into having two cookers. Well- - -make that 3, because I also have a gasser that is strictly infrared, and I love that one too.

About 2 weeks ago my Amerique order was placed, and from the get-go I was told that it could take from 4-6 weeks. Karen is the nicest of the nice, and I don't want to keep pestering her, although I did say that I would probably be e-mailing her once every two weeks just to hear if I'm moving up the list for delivery.

Today Karen said that there had not been any Amerique's off of the assembly line recently, due to a shipment of "control boards" that were about to come in. She said that they should be in, either today, or on Monday.

Once they come in, does anyone out there know how many Amerique's come off the assembly line on a weekly basis? I think I'm number 30 on the list as of now.

Impatiently and appreciatingly yours,
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"depends" is the answer.

It's an on-demand assembly line and if they have a bunch of orders, what will happen is the AQ's should be finished, just waiting for the controllers.

Yes, Karen is nice, just keep pestering her and if she gives you a hard time just tell her Okie put you up to it. She'll probably hang up if you mention my name...
Just a note from an ole Arkansan -- The best device that I had used was a Brinkman -- I purchased a 55 and a 009 was so happy that I bought my two boys a 009 each. I am awaiting with great anticipation my Amerique that should be here next week. I guess I like the product and the customer service. WONDERFUL -- The assistance you get from the forum members is unbelievable. Thanks for everything.
Hi all, I am a newby here. Since I am in the middle of some serious que land, I was hesitant but excited about my Amerique purchase. Well, let me tell any that are just not quite sure about the A'que, buy it! Those that had some of the first butt off the A'que this week were astonished at the quality of the meat. They said it was the best, most moist que they had ever had. And we all have had our share of famous eastern NC BBQ, it is all around us here, plus we cook it our selves for church fund raisers (whole hogs). But, the smoked butt off the A'que was simply outstanding. Any questions from those on the fence should now just buy one of these Ameriques. Smiler
Welcome to the forum, Puddlejumper, and thanks for posting!

I would really love to have an AmeriQue, but things are tight round here and I keep thinking more modifications are forthcoming. A local friend of mine who is also a CookShack salesman caught up with me last night and was bragging about how he is selling them left and right. Even a few restaurants have bought 1 from him. I am just biding my time.

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