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Congrats, this might be a forum first request for a bear smokin recipe!

I am from near the town of Oil Trough in Arkansas. It got it's name from rendering oil from bears and shipping it down river in troughs a couple hundred years ago. I can only guess the folks ate the meat also. I hear tell coon is just as good.
As you know,wild game cooks better-the younger it is.

They also like garbage,rather than the berries,etc that young bears might feed on.

We've done bear pot roasts and smothered in gravy chops.

I'd guess you might go with a couple days soaking in salt water in the refrigerator for a large roast.

An overnight marinade in some strong seaonings and your favorite beef,or pork,rub.

I'd cook it well done,like a chuck roast.

You might foil at about 165º and with some sliced onions and a little beer,or,wine,fruit juice.

Take it up to 185º +.

Hope this helps a little.
Save some of that meat for jerkey. That'd be one use for the smoker.

The only bear I ever had was part of a young 200# roadkill givin to me down in South Ga. during my USAF days.
I didn't have smoker then, but I did have a grill and some Dale's Steak Seasoning/marinate. It was some of the best steak I ever had.

The Dale's is a strong flavored marinate which lends itself to wild game. It's soy sauce based. You don't need alot and you don't let it soak for more than 20-30 minutes.(For steaks that is. Roasts would take longer.)
However you decide to go at it fishoil, I would be sure to remove all the natural bear fat, and any membrane.

If you are gonna go low and slow in the smoker you may also want to cover with bacon strips. Even gong so far as to lard it with beef or pork fat would help keep it moist. (Larding is inserting strips of fat or bacon with a larding needle into the roast. If you dont have a larding needle just cut slits through the roast and thread the strips thru with a skewer.)

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