We used to visit with friends in Michigan that were serious venison product hunters.The area had exotic /wild meat processing plants,as well as several venison sausage and jerky plants.

They were friends with an exotic meat producing farmer that raised yaks.He made it a regular ?treat? to serve exotics to us,or bring it to us when they visited.
They did a lot of fish,fowl,and meat curing and smoking in their own smokehouse.

The yak is sorta venison in treatment.Smaller cuts would be very carefully trimmed of silverskin,connective tissue,etc.
Thicker steaks and small roasts would be grilled to rare and allowed to rest until med rare for serving.
They didn't use much seasoning,except Lawrys seasoned salt and pepper and some garlic product.

They used the better cuts ,so it would be tender and the goal was to always undercook.

Hope this helps a little.
I've never come across Yak. I have prepared Venison (several varieties) elk, antelope & emu/ostrich, though have only smoked Venison.

As game meats tend to be very lean, I tend to keep them on the rare to Med rare side. You also may want to consider larding or barding the meat.

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