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Smokin' is right on as usual.

Marilyn's seems to be what a number of folks use.

I seem to remember that Stogie used a little of her recipe along with his jerky pages.

Some of our traditional jerky folks should have the right process,just using sliced partly frozen salmon as your base.

They can tell you about the door opening,etc.,just like it was beef or venison.

It is pretty much a cold smoked/dried version of salmon?
A little birdie sat on my shoulder today and whispered............

You can't make squaw candy in a Smokette!

How 'bout that? It's a cold-smoke process, not to be achieved in the Smokette.

You can kipper in a Smokette. But not the other.

But, hey, what do I know? Only eat mullet here. A lot of those salmon recipes seem very sweet to me. Candy man; candy squaw. Whatever, it's sweet.
Funny you should ask about this politically incorrect recipe/procedure because I have perfected one over the last couple years and am willing to share. I went to visit a buddy up in the Yukon where he gave me an old Indian recipe called 'Squaw Candy'along with a huge chunk of a Chinook salmon.

I played with the recipe and essentially had to get a new smoker to control the heat at the 'cold smoke' temperatures.

This is not just a recipe but also a well-oiled procedure. Be advised the temp's are in metric and not the old British Imperial. It is a MSWord document that I will send to anyone who asks for it. I don't see how to attach it via this text medium without sharing my hard drive...

I import Arctic Char from the north and Sockeye Salmon from the west coast. I have also used this recipe for Lake Trout with mouth-watering results and have now made the Candy about a dozen times to a state of perfection.

When properly done it has a beautiful translucent red colour that begs to be eaten. Fish-eaters can not control themselves around this product so only small amounts should be offered up.

Uncle Al
Thanks Tom. Sorry for the delay in responding but I lost the link to this page for a while and just found it again today as I am prepping to smoke a lamb shoulder tomorrow.

This recipe is called Roast leg of lamb with Moroccan spices and I have been making it for New Years parties and such for over 10 years and it is always a hit with any crowd. It is usually made in a roaster in the oven but smoking it gives it that extra flavour.

I have a couple other good recipes in word format that would be good to share so maybe I will contact Smokin'Okie to see how to post them.

Uncle Al

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