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Cooked for a mens luncheon at a church today. 100 plates and this was a big hit!

1 cup apricot jam--don't go cheap
2 chipoltes in adobo
2 cloves garlic chopped
3 Tbls tequila mixer
put it in a food processor or mixer and whip it good.

I made big batches and seperated one for grill work. That one I added more chipoltes and with a hand mixer work them in real good.

I used center loin and butterflied chops 3/4" thick.

30 minutes before grill time I used a rub of 1/2 CS chicken 1/2 pork. Then as put on a hickory fired grill I generously brushed each side with the sauce grilled each side over med. coals about 4 min. per side and brushed on the flip. Smoke grilled to perfection, got real lucky!

Served with the seperated sauce.

It was Yummy! Everyone loved it! This wasn't an easy crowd either. Wealthy men who fired the last 3 caterers. People were tracking me down to tell me how great this was.

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