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This is gonna hurt.
They're closing the Sam's near where I work. It was there I found the best pork, especially when you take into account the price. I hope there's another Sam's somewhere near Escondido, CA. I vaguely remember them wanting to expand the Wal-mart next door into a Super Wal-mart. I am assuming this province of the People's Republic of California will allow them to do so. That seems like a step down from what I understand.
I may have to compose an ode to my favorite pork vendor.
If I find a replacement, a ditty may be in order.
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I don't know if you have a "Food-For-Less" store near you but here, near Fresno Ca, they always beat Sams and Costco on butts. Not much beef selection. Butts usually go on sale near the holidays and were 89cents elsewhere, and FFL had them for 76 cents a lb. in the double packs.

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