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I tried foiling for the first time (other than FTC)

I did the baby backs for a hour at 180 with the AMPS tube then 1.5 hours at 240º then foiled with a mix of margarine, brown sugar, honey and pineapple juice and sriachi for 1.5 hours then glazed with some purple pork masters with a little honey added till it set.

The flavor and smoke was great, just a little over cooked.

I also foiled the brisket at 160º with the same mix (I had some leftover) pulled it at 200-202º and FTC

The beans were in for 6.5 hours. I just doctored up some canned beans with home smoked bacon, smoked Italian beef, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, chilies, yellow mustard, brown sugar, molasses ans BBQ sauce.

Brisket was an ungraded packer from wally world dated 9/11 that managed to slip to the bottom of my chest freezer. It turned out great!

I might try foiling ribs again just because I really liked the flavor profile the mix gave them.

The brisket I only foiled because it was almost a year in the freezer and of suspect quality. The flavor and tenderness was good but I missed the bark.

Ready to foil.

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Wow that looks great. It reminds me a little of the meal I made yesterday. Friday our washing machine broke down, for us that is a real problem as we do pet towels and such every day. And my wife is home from the hospital recovering from a perforated appendix (doing ok so far).

I mentioned to my next door neighbor the symptoms, this guy is amazingly handy. He came right over and in about 90 minutes had taken the machine apart, found a set of dangly earrings caught in a filter and had the machine back and running. Unfortunately for him he sustained a nasty cut on the knuckle of his thumb, clear to the bone. Five stitches. So I called his wife and told her I was cooking so they could all just rest and relax (she too is just out of the hospital).

I made two racks of baby back ribs using the Memphis Style technique posted earlier this week, did up a big pan of baked beans that I jazz up with fried Smithfield bacon, vidallia onions, Sweet Baby Rays sauce, brown sugar and a little Yoshidas marinade. Smoke for 5 hours. Also made two 13x9 pans of my famous mac and cheese. I use the old world techniques and make a béchamel sauce that I then add grated cheddar and pizza blend cheese to. I also mix rough grated reggianno parmesan and Panko bread crumbs and use that as the topping. It's really very good.

So they got beans, ribs and the mac and cheese. His wife called over later to tell my wife my mac and cheese was better than her moms...

Your stuff looks very good. I used to foil brisket, we see a lot of really interesting recipes posted here and it's fun to experiment using them or some variation of that theme. But now I prefer bark more and don't foil. I don't care how long you have been cooking, or smoking or where you've been doing it - there is always, always something new to learn and try. That's why I like cooking so much, well that and EATING the good food.

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