Before my FEC100, I normally put my baked beans in a pan under the butts so they catch some great drippings. I would have them in there for about 6 hours of the cook.

Any suggestions or thoughts on doing that in the FEC100?
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I cook beans in my FEC at a temp of 250 for about three hours. I usually put chopped up smoked pork in mine so I don't really worry about cooking them under a butt. Plus, when I did cook it under a butt, I found they got a little too greasy.

Also, if you cook the beans too long, I find they get mushy. So I only cook them until they hit a temp of 170-180*.

One other thing I do that Dr. BBQ taught me is that I pour off some of the liquid from the can before putting in the rest of my ingredients.
I only have a SM025 but the beans come out great in it. I have a good quality steel bread baking pan that fits perfectly with my 3 slabs of ribs that I usually smoke around 4 hours at 225. I put the pan on top with one of the slabs. I can't bring myself to catch some of those drippings plus I do add a little pulled pork or brisket from the freezer. I also poor off some of the liquid and then add some chopped onions, brown sugar, mustard and a couple chopped Jalapenos.
I use a the recipe "Barbie's Southren Red Oak Smoked BBQ Beans" that I got off the internet several years ago. I put the beans in a disposable pan, and cook on the bottom shelf of my fec. I generally cook a double batch under a couple of butts in addition to adding some pulled pork. Temp @240*. The excess pork fat can be spooned off if desired.
I use this recipe in my catering business, and my clients love 'em.
Go to the recpe section and look for my beans, I do those in the FE.

S. O. Beans
6 hours is too long, they'll get too much grease and way overcook. Depending on team, like Ribdog, 3 hours works for us.
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Tracks, I've never checked the temp when done but they seem perfect when I throw them in above 2 slabs of ribs for 5 hours with the SMO25 set at 225. If I up the temp for faster ribs the beans seem to follow with great results.

I always put the bean pan above what I'm cooking as I don't think my wife would go for a lot of drippings.

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