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i will tell peggy about your garden produce.
she is my canning guru and loves to do it.
the one good bible book is the ball blue book.
put out by the guys who make mason jars.
i don't worry with my sauces or peppers as they are all high acidic like tomatoes are so water bath canning is ok for them.
if i remember what peg told me long time ago if it is low acid then you have to pressure can.

that being said here is a middle of the road sauce that is on the sweet side and not too hot. kids seem to like it

corvette's sweet red sauce
yield 8 c
4c ketchup
1 bottle A1
1 bottle heinz 57
1 1/2c apple cider
1/3c lea & perrins
1/2c dark karo syrup
1/2c honey
1/2c molasses
1 1/2 tsp liquid smoke (make sure it is pure with no added vinegar)
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp garlic powder
bring to a boil and simmer 10 mins.
put in mason jars
waterbath for 20 mins
listen for the jars to ping
and put it away in a cabinet

the big thing is to always stay on the high acidity side.
as you can see all the ingredients are what is known as "GRAS" generaly recognized as safe and are stored for months on end in a warehouse and then left on shelves for goodness knows how many more months.

but get a book on canning
it is fun to do
and for low acid things it will list your pressures and times so you can stay safe

sorry it was so long
hope i didn't ramble
ps. this was named after my girl greyhound corvette cause she is sweet as opposed to my 95 pound male greyhound moose. and now you know how we got our team and company name Big Grin
I really appreciate all the information.I have looked on the forum Favorites.But wanted to know what prisonchef's recipe was.Or Mrs prisonchef I guess I should say. The recipes Cookshack has are sometimes incomplete, assuming lots of things or only show recipes for part of what the title displays.
I saw that there are other sauce recipes now and I will look at them.
I made 12 pints of salsa yesterday, 7 half pints of blueberry jam the day before, and 7 pints of picalilli last week.
I have the Ball blue book of canning. I experimented with some chunkier salsa last year and pickles.The pickles weren't crispy!Thisyear it's relishes, salsa,sauces,jellies. I would like to add some fruit to salsa but as you said it brings the acidity down.I might try pineapple with some heat from peppers if I can find a recipe in a book that shows it okay for boiling water bath.When looking back in a Search I saw where your wife sells the sauce at work.I didn't mean to have you give out the Secret recipe.
I am glad to know where the name came from.Are your greyhounds former racers hat you have adopted?
yep both dogs are racers. moose was very fast but broke a leg leaving the #1 box when he slipped on the metal bottom piece. raced grade b and a. corvette was faster than moose in schooling races but her times dropped way down. she was a "special needs hound" she is getting better but still really timid around males with loud voices. never could get the true low down on that but i have a good idea. but she is really sweet with a warped sense of humor.

as far as crispyness on the pickles goes you might want to look into lime. it really stiffens the cukes up or other vegetables for that matter.
since you have the blue book just look under lime and then adapt to your needs what ever a recipe calls for.
just be careful with it because if you don't get it all rinsed off it can give kind of a strange flavor.
glad that you like to can. peg introduced it to me i guess 20 years ago. to me the process is very relaxing and it is pretty neat to see jars that last for years.
funny story, when i got drafted in 1969 after boot camp i went home and saw my grandmother and was helpping her rearrange things in her basement. saw 10 jars of cherry preserve so ate one then 2 of the things before she noticed. turns out she put them up in 1942!!! never did get sick but she made me promise not to tell my mom Big Grin
for sure i doubt walmarts stuff would last that long or taste that good!!!
ps. corvette red sauce aint the one i use in competition but it is a good sauce and hey you wanted a sauce recipe that cans well and to be honest the neatest thing about this forum is people share. weird in this day and age but sure is nice Big Grin
Thanks, prisonchef.You are right, everyone is very nice here. I am going to make up some stuff for sauce early next week.
And greyhounds are so beautiful.Our neighbors in Pa had whippets and they were fun to watch running around the yard.They would climb part way up the oak trunks of trees as they circled.

Dave-thanks for the suggestion of alum.I know it dries things out.I think either lime or alum is what Ball's Pickle-Crisp is made from. I may just leave pickles to the experts.
Just about any bbq sauce can be waterbath canned. Most of them have enough acid, you don't need to pressure can them. I wouldn't try to waterbath can Chris Lilly's white sauce. A good thing to watch for: in the recipe, if it says it will keep several weeks in the refrigerator, it should be safe to waterbath can. I only can as much as I'll use within 1 year. Be sure to use new lids, inspect your jars for cracks and such, don't tighten the ring too much. Kerr and Mason Jars both put out really nice cookbooks for canning and freezing.
I've not done too well with pickles, especially dills. But I have done some great sweet ones that come out nice and crispy, and pickled beets turn out real nice. The few times I did crispy dills, I had soaked them in an alum-water solution overnight, then rinsed and drained. Some of the batch was crispy and others were soft. I think the cucumbers had a lot to do with it. Maybe the age or the amount of water they already had stored?
Anyway, it is a fun thing to do.

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