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Anyone have personal experience with a real barbeque restaurant in Cincinnati?

A few co-workers are heading up there next month and started talking about Montgomery Inn. My personal experience with the famed 'Ribs King' is that this is a boil 'em, grill 'em, smother 'em in sauce operation on a par with Tony Roma's.

Still doesn't keep people from lining up for a two-hour wait every night, bless their hearts.
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Montgomery Inn takes great pride in bragging about how they boil their ribs,until they fall off and their sauce is why you should dine with them.

As you know,Cincy is one of the last places I might seek Q,and we are longtime residents of Lexington,Ky.

I believe that City BBQ, from Columbus, might have a branch ,around the north loop.

They are a couple of classically trained cooks,that also went on the bbq circuit and toured many of the fine bbq joints in the country.

Cincy BBQ

I send all my friends,visiting Cincy to Camp Washinton Chili parlor,as they have always been the best and are a legend.

No,they are not a classic SW style bowl of red,nor even good midwestern.

But,to try Cincy's most famous dish-5 Way Chili,it can't be beat.
Kinda like sending friends out to a joint on the river,having them take fishing boat rides and telling them which of the local fish dishes would be the best, and in what order.

Which local brewery has the best offering to go with those meals.

They come back and complain about the poor quality ham steak,and the stir fried chinese,and the sushi appetizers.

The warm wines really weren't all they could be.


Yep,great German and Slavic community with the meats,sausages,schnitzels,and also chili from the same Greeks that went on to Tx and developed Gebhardt's Eagle Brand chili powder.

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