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Ok I have read through alot of these posts, but I have some basic questions.

1) I am seeing that soaking the wood is not necessary or recommended. Is that the general opinion?

2) If I complete a smoking and there are chunks of wood half burnt, is it ok to use them again next time?

3) It seems that for short smokes chips and long smokes chucks.

Did I understand this all correctly? Getting my first smoker soon and want to be ready.
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1. If you're getting a Cookshack, don't soak the wood. Simply toss in a few ounces dry. The smoker works wonders.

2. I've reused half burnt wood, and I've not obtained good results. Once I used 3 chunks, one new, two half burnt, and my smoke flavor was very light. As Tom told me (I'm sure you've seen his posts), I was essentially using briquettes, not smoking. Unless only minimally charred, use new wood. Why risk not getting good results for the sake of a chunk of wood.

3. I use chunks for all smokes.

Hope this helps.
1. Yes.

2. Maybe.

3. Not necessarily.

Oh, I'll be you want me to explain Big Grin

Using wet wood is a Method of creating more gray smoke, as the wood burns inpurely. Well, that gray smoke is gray for a reason and I don't like the flavor it gives off. It's just a way of creating an inpure burn.

You can reuse it, but as you're going with a couple of chunks, the cost isn't worth it to "save" any, I'd go with new wood

Chips will burn faster. I use them for lower temp smokes (like cold smoking). The length of the smoke doesn't change when I use chunks. I'll use chunks for 4 hour rib cooks but use chips or sawdust for a cold smoke (say 100 to 140)

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