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Dang. The Oklahoma City Thunder are beating the Sacramento Kings by 25 with 5 1/2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. Dang. Not a very interesting game, unless you're from Oklahoma.

OK. This is a barbecue forum. So I better talk barbecue. I guess if I (and the rest of my Sacramento barbecue cohorts) challenged Smokin and the rest of you OKC southern boys/men to a barbecue, we'd get our clocks cleaned there also. Dang.

Oh well. At least we have nicer weather. Usually. Let's hope the Kings improve along with my Q. Razzer Smiler
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I was at the game had FLOOR SEATS and sat about 4 seats from your team. Sorry, great game here.

Don't know about the weather either, it's supposed to be 76 today.

And to make it about BBQ, I'm working on some food and writing up my syllabus for class. I have 10 classes in the next two months and a lot of BBQ trainees ahead.

Nope, no Thunder in the class, still basketball season. Did you see the final score?
Floor seats. Now that's nice. Yea. I saw the final score. 30 points. Never a game. Thanks for taking it easy on us in the 2nd half. And it's cold and rainy here. So we lose on weather this week also. Roll Eyes Although to see 2' of snow we have to travel to the mountains. Big Grin

Guess I'll barbecue something for dinner. Wings sound good. Think I'll hit your list of 100+ recipes. Cool

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