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NEVER a cheap beer.

If I add some to a brine, think about it. How will one bottle of a pilsner affect a brine vs one bottle of guiness. HUGE difference in taste, but will either one make a difference in a gallon of liquid.

I love to change beers, I get tired of the same stuff (although as my previous posts, NEVER tired of Chimay, guess that's because when I lived in Germany I actually visited the Monastery where they make it...gotta love them Monks for improving beer chemistry)

If I cook with beer or wine, I never use something I wouldn't drink. Something I learned from a chef years ago.

I make an awesome cheese bread and use Chimay in the beer and no one knows the secret (until now).

Beer and BBQ is more Zen to me, it's all about what works for you. If I'm going to drink, Coors, Bud, or other light pilsners with BBQ, I ask myself why, it's like drinking water.

But I don't like the heavy beers with BBQ as it then seems to overpower the food and all you taste is the beer.

So it depends. I love wheats, ambers, light heavys, but mostly just variety.

Summer is different than winter.

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