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Hey guys.

I have both an amerique and a fepg500. I haven't quite got the art of smoking down yet. I am thinking about signing up for one of the pros classes such as the Johnny Trig class. I am just curious to know what you guys think. Will one of these classes get me on the right track? Any specific class/cook that you recommend?

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Personally, I think we/the forum can get you on the right track. Now if you're just wanting to compete in competition bbq, then a class is a must.

I'd recommend that we work through each product as you are wanting to learn them. Start a thread on what your gonna smoke and what problems you encountered. We can all help you get to where you'll make better bbq then what you can buy.

There are no short cuts, experience will be needed on your part and there is only one way to get it....just my opinion.
Like cal said,and he has done both.

Comp cooking and motorcycle racing can ne compared a little.

Cooking good food for friends,family and the neighborhood can be a pleasure and something you can choose to do to suit yourself.

Cooking comp will be to a standard you may not agree with,on a schedule you don't like,doing 90% of your time prepping and traveling and spend as much as your house cost.

Riding a bike you prefer for pleasure ,of your choice,and get by with $20 in fuel and parts,when the weather suits you.

Riding it for comp,can easily cost hundreds of thousands,on someone else's schedule,location,weather,type of bike, and spend most of your time just getting there.

You can really learn to love doing it for pleasure and learn to suit yourself.

On the comp side,you rarely ever learn to suit yourself.

Just a couple of thoughts.
Ditto cal and Tom,

Not knowing anything other than what I have gleaned from the forum on the classes. It’s my opinion that they are more for the intermediate Q’r looking for help for comps or the use of equipment for restaurants.

You can get a treasure trove of information from the BBQ forums with many willing to share information and recipes. With the knowledgeable help you will be able to produce an end product as simple or complex as you like.

One of the most productive tools you can have is good precise notes. They will help keep you from making the same mistakes twice as well as reproducing the same thing or tweaking it.

If I had the time and money, I'd love to attend any of the classes with David Bouska/Fast Eddy that Cookshack offers or with Johnny Trigg, Rod Grey, Myron Mixon, etc. Couple of years ago I attended a class in my neck of the woods, by Chris Hart of IQUE/Hart Attack and learned some cool tricks & methods.

Having said that, there are a number of forum members here who know their way around a pit...both in backyard and competition BBQ. Give us an idea of what you would like help with and I'm sure you'll get back some solid advice.

Most classes are $500 per person and then another $250 if the spouse goes along. The classes I have gone to are great. And I was looking to get help for comps. If it was for helping me cook at home, I wouldn't have gone. But I have gotten what I wanted out of the classes I have gone to.

If you have the money just laying around, and are looking to have some good fun while learning, go for it. If you don't and want to keep learning use the forum and it's vast amount of resources. Just depends on were you are in the scheme of things.


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