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Does anyone, or has anyone used a BBQ Delight Smoke Pot to get a little extra smoke out of their FEC 100?

If so, did you find that it added a significant flavor difference? (brisket and butts)

It looks like I can maybe put it up on the corner edge with no problem, but want to know if it is worth the trouble.

Also, has anyone tried the strainer method in an FEC?

I bought a strainer, made the bunt pan shape, and then lit an edge of the pellets and put on the bottom grate of my FEC and it fizzled out, probably a minute after I closed the door, I guess.

Does anyone know how to get it to work maybe near the fire pot?

I am trying to get extra smoke without going at a low temp for a couple of hours first.

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A buddy of mine who competes on the IBCA circuit in northern Texas uses an alternative method to provide additional smoke in his FEC100. He used a a wire baking rack (half sheet pan size) and bent it into a Z shaped form that sits over the FEC firepot with about 2" of height. On top of that he adds a 6"-8" long green long Mesquite log. I'm guessing it was a few inches thick...just enough to get it smoldering. He's gotten half a dozen calls at comps, and two 1st place brisket wins since employing this method.
I use a variation of the technique MaxQue describes in my gas pig cookers. I use a metal basket filled with big wood chunks. I get it burning on a burner, then place it on top of the heat baffle in the cooker. The fire goes out, but the wood will smolder all the way down to ash. Works great, so I don't see why it wouldn't work in an FEC too.
Originally posted by KK:
Does anyone know how to get it to work maybe near the fire pot?

I am trying to get extra smoke without going at a low temp for a couple of hours first.


That method works, why don't you try it?

How many cooks do you have in your FE?

I think the Smoke Pot isn't good, I've seen many try different methods.
Thanks for the replies folks.

I have only used the smoker 3 times because I am tight in respect to pellet-costs right now.

I used the pellet pot with my old smoker with success because the pellets would ignite next to the fire box, but have not used it with this one cause I wanted to know if the pellets would even ignite in the pot,and if anyone else had tried it with good results.

If they ignite and keep on smoking then I will use it for a brisket Saturday.

I may have to rig some basket kind of setup in the future like some of ya'll have suggested.

Proud owner of an FEC 100
Just my thoughts, but you need to go with the lower smoke setting and try it. But hey, if you want to go with the other methods, that's fine too, but since many users have success with the recommend method (I'd say 95+%) I'd at least try it.

It will actually use less pellets this way. Lower temps make it "smolder" more and thus generate more smoke taste.

You didn't say, but I'm guessing since you posted here that you have an FEC. It's got more than enough insulation to minimize the amount of pellets needed.

And it's prime Q season, get some more pellets If you're having problems on getting pellets because of shipping, post a request and you'll usually find others in the area who can help with that.
Thanks SmokinOkie,

I have an IQ controller so may I ask you what temperature you recommend?

Searching and reading for hours, I see some saying 145 degrees, and I see some saying 180.

Also on time too. I see some saying 1 hour. Some saying 2 hours.

Also, I will be picking up a large load of pellets at the end of July when I go up to the class at Cookshack.


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