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Anybody out there that has used the cookshack spicy bbq mix and can compare it with Heads Country sauce out of Oklahoma?

I just purchased a used SM50 and the seller gave me a bottle of Heads Country original sauce. It's outstanding. I live in Northern Va and the only way to get it is mail order and the shipping is a killer.f the mix is similar in taste I can save a few bucks and use them to buy some more butt to smoke.
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Just made a two quart batch on the Spicy BBQ mix recipe, my family's favorite on everything. Also got Head Country's Hickory sauce.A few similarities but not many. My problem? Running out of Cookshack Spicy BBQ Mix! (the powder) Is it still available, stand a lone? Doesn't show on your internet store. Confused

Like many things,CS wishes to stay in the cooker business,and provides the assorted sidelines as a SERVICE to the distant customers.

Just like soft drink companies don't need the expense of shipping water. Eeker

We had a fine thread about how great the chili mix was.

Donna's family "invented" the spicey sauce for the folks around the world to be able to serve an Okie/southwest taste.

Like Smokin' says,it is a stand alone product,and certainly not hot.

Easy way to assure you is to order one,or maybe the assortment kit.

Calls sales and ask them,the best bet.

Also, ask about any New Year's sales,or shipping specials. Wink

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