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Thanks Brian, hadn't seen that blog. Some great tutorials there, nice photos.

Slade, are they links, brats, pre-smoked, fully cooked, logs, ???

The link is a good one for "Fatties". Don't know that they coined the phase, but who knows? Lots of folks, like Joe Ames here on the forum, I think they do fresh sausage they take to 170.

I think fatties, go to 160 internal as the recommend temp for pork, 170 is too high and is getting close to drying out.

So, somewhere between 160 and 170.

...but HEY that's just me.
Chappel Hill sells a lot of precooked/smoked sausage around Houston.

If these are precooked,they just need to come to a glisten.

About 145� internal.

If you are wanting to add more smoke,cook down around 180�.

If you just want to finish them,225� works.

Maybe 45 mins + at 225�.

If they are fresh Texas "hot guts",we cook 200�-225� to about 155� internal.

Hope this helps a little.

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