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Found some beef shoulder at BJ's for $2.79/lb, they were about 5-6lb roasts. They had much larger clods for $2.99/lb. I've been waiting to try making smoked sliced roast beef but the clods were too much meat to have hanging around! The shoulder was a good size.

Rubbed it and smoked at 225 with just a little mesquite (about 1.5oz) to 145. Cooled and sliced very thin, and made sammies and french dips. It was awesome. Sorry no pics!

Best part was when my wife kept saying how good it was, after which I reminded her about when she told me she didn't like the flavor of smoke. What does she know???
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I have some eye of round I need to get used up. This should work ok for roast beef shouldn't it? I have been wanting to do some experimenting. What is your typical deli roast beef made out of? It is just about as good cold on a sandwich if done correctly.

We serve smoked brisket, pulled pork and breaded tenderloins from our concession trailer but have been wanting to experiment with a roast beef sandwich on a toasted hoagie bun with some french dip sauce. Not sure what the cost would be but if it was higher than the brisket it wouldn't be worth it.

When warming it up, any advice on technique? Microwave as needed or could it be done in larger quantities in a roaster and held for a few hours without drying it out?

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