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what do you folks do at a whole pig roast? Are there traditions? Or is it just like any other party?

Mine is next week, the first one I've ever done. Lotta work, but shoud be fun.

BTW, to those who followed my "whole hog" post, I found a local pig farmer who is getting me a " pig roast ready" 80 - 90 pounder for $95!

I had prices quoted as high as a little over $200 for the same sized pig.

I'll have pics sent to smokin' so he can post 'em here.
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It is customary at a pig pickin' for the cook/caterer to strip down naked after everyone has had their fill, and then passionately kiss every woman he can catch, all the while screaming "SooooooWeeeeeeee! Here piggie piggie!"

It has something to do with honoring the spirit of the pig or something, but it would be wrong not to observe this tradition. Have fun!

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