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I fixed some beef ribs yesterday. If I do say so myself,they were my best yet.

Here's what I did:

Two racks of ribs (membrane removed.)

Rub racks well with L&P worchestershire sauce. Coat with a thin layer of yellow mustard.
Sprinkle with Head Country Championship Seasoning (or whatever floats your boat.)

Let them sit on the counter while a I got the smoker ready to go. (maybe 1/2 hour)

Put in smoker with 2oz Hickory. Started timing two hour cook time when the temp reached 250*.

Glaze: 1/2 cup CS Spicy BBQ sauce to which I added 1 tbs turbanado sugar and 1 tps worchestershire sauce.

At the two hour mark, brushed with glaze and turned temp down to 180*. Cooked another three hours.

I eat a full rack as soon as they came out of the smoker and had to fight my wife for the other one.

I can't remember who mentioned using the 250/180 temp cooking method, but I think it had a lot to do with my success. So, to whom it may concern; Thank you, thank you, thank you. Big Grin

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Thanks for sharing your recipe. After reading your post, my tastebuds were hungering for some beef ribs. I was able to find 4 slabs of fresh (untrimmed) racks at the local market. They are rubbed and ready to go in my model 50 at 1pm PST today!
My recipe is as follows:
4-Racks Beef Ribs (membrane removed)
Light coating of French's Classic Yellow Mustard
Dry Rub:
2-Tblsp paprika
2-Tblsp granulated garlic
2-Tblsp granulated onion
2-Tblsp California chili powder
2-Tblsp dark brown sugar
4-Tblsp Kosher salt
2-Tsp cayenne pepper
2-Tsp fresh ground black pepper
Sauce is a blend of Bull's-Eye (Original) and Smokin' Moses (Mo On Fire) brands.
I wil max the dial and smoke with 2oz of hickory and one Kingsford briquette for 4-5 hours. I'll add the sauce after the ribs are done and serve them with my homemade potato salad, smoked beans and garlic bread.
I can hardly wait! Come on Dinner Time!
Greetings Hook,

If your post hasn't rekindled a desire for another beef rib cook, I don't know what has!

Since owning my AmeriQue, I've done 3 rib cooks---beef, baby backs, and spares. I've been flipping out over the flavor, and the only hurdle I've been trying to overcome, is that I haven't yet achieved melt in your mouth tenderness from any of my rib cooks.

Your 250/80 technique, plus the saucing sounds like it may very well be the answer I have been searching for.

My question to you regards the pre-heating of your smoker to 250º before putting the meat in.

While your smoker is taking it's half hour to get to 250º, do you already have the smoker box and wood in your smoker? Or do you quickly put the smoker box and the ribs in at the same time when the oven is at 250º.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Morning Jeff,

Well, whether I know my stuff or not is sometimes debatable, but I get it right once in awhile. Thanks much for the good words.

It's funny you should mention beef ribs at this moment because I've got four racks ready to go this afternoon. I'll try to get pictures, but I'm not much of a photographer. Bembring is much better at that.

In answer to your question: have the wood box in the smoker during the warm up and add the wood in when you put in the ribs.

My family and friends like beef ribs a lot and the AmeriQue really turns them out. Congrats on your choice of smokers. You obviously have great taste in equipment and in food.

Let us know how your ribs come out.

Thanks again,


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