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So, got to thinking...(watch out when I do that).

Of all the 1,000s of post, what ones do you think would be most useful to newbies to the forum.

I certainly seems like we have a lot of new questions, I'm thinking about a Forum 101 with a "best of" links to great posts.


I need your help.

Look through the forum and archives and YOU tell me which one you think are the best.

Not necessarily a contest, but you never know...

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I like the one Smokin' made up of my Cornish Game Hens called "Add a Caption". It is located in the "Best Of" categories. (I'm not sure how to get a direct link to it on this page)

It has a picture of my Cornish Game Hens sitting on orange juice cans (instead of beer butt chicken)...I got the recipe from some old gal in Alaska......??
Smokin',I'd like to see one about the treasures of the archives.

Kinda like a good book on a nasty winter day.

It seems all of us,me included,want something specific for that moment and slide over a lot of great info.

When I run a search,I find myself reading through dozens of great topics that maybe weren't relative to me when they were made.

The 101s are great ,but the archives are like a great old book that you are now experienced enough to appreciate on a reread.

Just my $0.02 worth
I would say that there are a couple of real good tips that could be the lead off as they seem to get asked over and over by the newbies. First is to not follow the manual for time, read the 101's and live by "It's done when it's done" Second would be to trust the CS, as Smokin said a few days ago in a post, it has been around for 35 years, it works. I think the third would be use the search function. Like Tom said, there are things on here that are amazing but if not the right time they get forgoten. Don't just think regular BBQ, this forum has an amazing collection of people posting try things that you aren't sure of, they could become your next favorite. Finally I think the best post I have refered to often is Stuarts Prime Rib, because I have impressed more guests with that one then most others.
I like your 101 section, but what I would like is a quick way to get to any answers you post to peoples questions. Everyone is helpful and I listen to everyones advice, but I always look for answers you have given people and thats what has helped the most. I'm not much on reading, but the form is the best book I have ever picked up. It has info, stories, jokes and more enjoyable then most things out there today.
I think there should be a section for newbies that are lookin' to make a decision on their next piece of equipment and aren't sure how to evaluate the available options. Such as price, features, construction techniques (i.e. stainless, 55 gal drum, iron, steel, etc), Heating technique, fire pit controls(does the cokker have firebox with adjustable vents, a bbq guru, pellet feed, or whatever)is it a rotisserie or fixed shelves.

For guys like me it's hard to make up your mind and there's no one stop shop that can tell you whatchanedtano. I've been tryin to pull the trigger on a new cooker for a year and keep coming up with more questions.

I love this site, though. You people are lots of fun to read and learn from about Q.

Thanks for listening
i have used home made backyard smokers, owned a smokeking oven (the cs distributor in oz) and sold my product all over n.s.w state (smoked trout). i don't do that anymore.
what i'm trying to say is that of all the experience i had with a variety of smokers, nothing surprised me more than the efficiency of the cs (50). it's not just what it can do , it's what it doesn't do also. eg; fuel efficient, moisture efficient, etc. and. eg; some models don't dehydrate, crisp skin etc.
a newbies site as suggested in an above post would be great as it could address these idiosyncracys of the cs and help to not discourage a 'greenhorn' as obvious traps could be pointed out.

hope this helps.


I read the archives all the time myself. You do a heck of a job on this forum, and all of the info is here that a newbie needs. In fact its probably here 100 times over.

Perhaps a 101 on how to navigate the "search" function to get what one wants would be in more order than trying to put it all in one place. You could even put a new link right next to "forum home" entitled "forum 101" or "forum help"

I still like the thread you started on tips for new CS owners. That was a great thread and should remain at the top of the thread list with the "introduce yourself" thread so people could continually add to it.

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