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Here's a traditional Greek style rack of lamb that's one of the most impressive lamb dishes I know.

Passive Prep Time: 1 day
Active prep time: 15 minutes
Smoke time: 90 minutes plus

I use a Costco New Zealand lamb rack. (Recipe for Leg of Lamb is the same, except that I also stud the meat with garlic, and smoke it longer)

fresh garlic
mediterrean oregano
black pepper
paprika (optional)

olive oil

red wine OR lemon juice

wood: hickory

Combine marinade ingredients in a mortar and pestle and grind. Add olive oil to make a saucy paste.

Smear marinade over lamb and place in ziploc freezer bag. Add two or three tablespoons of wine, or the juice of one lemon (plus the used lemon halves). Seal the bag and massage the meat. Refrigerate overnight.

Set smoker for 235 degrees. Take the rack out of the bag and smoke it for 90 minutes.

Remove and let stand for fifteen or twenty minutes. Check for doneness. Lamb should be pink and extrenely juicy.

It is better to err on the side of rareness, then finish in microwave, being VERY careful not ot overcook.

If yours turns out like mine, you don't need teeth to eat it!

Totally Greek serving suggestions:
Tabbouleh salad, Tzadziki, artichokes or asparagus, roasted potatoes. Greek "Retsina" wine. Find recipes for these easy dishes online, or ask me!

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