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This was the cookoff that the top ten from each sanctioning body were invited,and the next day was an open.

Kevin & Clara/ represented the pelletheads well.

The results are still coming in,so hopefully folks can jump in with additions.


1st Pork,9th overall.

Open 5th overall
8th pork
9th brisket

Texas Rib Rangers 9th chicken

Lot of fine teams to play with.

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Thanks Tom... We also got 3rd place in ribs in the Invitational, but our brisket was 3rd from the bottom... Not sure why, the one we cooked in the Invitational was much better than the one we cooked in the open, and the one in the open placed.

For some reason our brisket does not score in the Invitational, we were DAL last year.

I think I will cook chicken instead of brisket next year.. lol
yep, last year he was... but not this year... As a rule it appears that chicken, and whole hog was being scored the highest. While brisket and ribs were being scored the lowest. If I would have pulled out a 9th place brisket in the Invitational, I would have had Reserve. If I would have cooked chicken, a 15th place chicken or above would have given me reserve. Next year, its chicken instead of brisket...

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