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Reverse sear? (how long at low, then how long searing?)?...say Ribeyes (Choice Prime that I can find around here) 1 to 1 1/4" thick?

Room Temp steaks on a hot direct grill?

(I'm still looking at pellet grills...narrowed down to PG500 vs. Firecraft, and want to see how some common stuff will turn out)
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Room temp rib eye
Indirect @ 225 until internal temp is 125 (~75 min)
Then Direct over zone 1 fire for 1 minute each side lid closed for MEDIUM.
Rest 10-15 minutes uncovered.

FEPG will fit 8 16 oz steaks on indirect side & 4 on direct side. If some want WELL DONE cook over direct after the other steaks are off of the grill.
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Originally posted by Mr.T:
Bring them to within 5° of your desired temp, low and slow, then hit them with a short super sear. It will produce a very nice crust without raising the internal temp.


Looks like the Kenji Lopez-Alt method. Sear at the end with cast iron with some butter and at the same time with a propane torch on the top.
Looks like the Kenji Lopez-Alt method. Sear at the end with cast iron with some butter and at the same time with a propane torch on the top.

I don't like this method. If you aren't careful that propane torch can give some really funky flavors, all the other efforts for taste are right out the window.

I like to get my steaks within 10 degrees of target, hold them and crank the direct heat up to north of 500 and then quick sear the steaks.
I was finishing some butts for a friend right before the dinner hour last night so I ran and got some T-Bones cut to 1 1/2" and seasoned for an hour while they came up to room temp.

Cranked it up to 600* after pulling the butts off and seared the steaks for 3 minutes on each side then moved to zone 4 @450* for another 7 minutes they were a perfect medium rare in the thickest parts.

I'm never cooking steak any other way it was mouth watering good!

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Decided to try my steaks on my FEC120. New Yorks with crushed pepper and salt. 45 minutes at 200 degrees. Then into a hot skillet with butter. Seared on both sides for 2-3 minutes. Topped with sauteed sweet onions and mushrooms. Best thing I have eaten in a while. The smokey taste with the crunchy sear, there is no better way to cook a steak in my opinion.

My poor PG500 might be for sale soon. The FEC120 is not skipping a beat with my recipes.

Also did 7 racks of ribs this weekend.

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Padrefan98, apparently you aren't aware yet Photobucket went full on hostage taker and they don't host for free any longer no one can see the pics you link to now unless you pony up fee's to them to get your account back.

While you may see the pictures anything you link to now comes up with their moniker demanding payment for third party hosting for anyone else trying to view it.

Switch to Imgur, fast and free much simpler to use select the medium size thumbnail option under any picture you want to link to as this site only allows smaller attachments for pics.
Originally posted by Padrefan98:
Thanks for the info. Are the pictures showing now?

Yes they are, and that steak looks absolutely world class!!!

Nicely done, so a long 200* run followed by finishing sear I am going to try that next with a boneless cut.

Never have I tasted steaks at home that can hold a candle to what Cookshack units produce.
Jay, I do this similarly with my AQ, and then finish the steaks on my propane grill. I have recently decided to barely use just a minimal amount of wood, as was putting a very heavy smoke on the steaks. it was too strong, so I'm going to back off to just a few small wood chips, rather than a full chunk and test results.

PS your steaks look great Padre!

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