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I have a 14.5 lb packer untrimmed brisket in my cookshack # 55,second shelf from the top, set at 225 degrees,2oz apple and 2 oz hickory. Rubbed with Cookshack Rib Rub(and a little Head Country Seasoning). Went on at 7:00 this morning. Anyone's best guess as to how long( if I go to 190 internal). I did fold under to get him all in. Any suggestions as to mop,spritz ??? Where do I go from here ?
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If it is choice,it might work around 1 hr/lb.

It may also need to go 5�+ higher internal.

If it is select,you might better be doing a poke test with your probe or a big fork.

It might take 200�-205�,and 1.5 hrs +.

Your CS cooks pretty moist,so I'm not a big steady mopping fan.

About 1/2 way there you could use something like beef broth,butter,worcestershire,rub,apple juice.

You could flip and turn then,or not.

Another half way through you could mop again.

Just kinda sling it on,as you don't want to wipe off your bark.

Another approach on those selects,if you must,is to foil it about 175� internal with 1/2 cup or so of mop and continue cooking on up to 195�and check it with the poke test.

Let it set in the dry cooler for a couple hours after you pull it out.

Hope this helps a little.
It can sit in that cooler, double foiled and wrapped in a towel, for 3-4 hours, easy. But 1-2 is my preference.

My 0.02 is that if it hits up in the 190+ range after an hour per lb (about 14 hours of cook for you), then just pull it when it gets tender to the fork test (somewhere between 190-205). If after those 14 hours it is still stubbornly down below 190... like 160-180... then I would foil with some sauce or broth and let it come up to 200 that way. Otherwise, forget mopping in the CS...
OK--- now ,after I take out of the coooler. Is it the time to scrape that 1/4 fat bark off before I slice?? I guess , by now I have exposed my ignorance as a newbee as my eating time is not until 12:00 noon on Friday !!! Looks like a refrigeration and a reheat--- darnit !!! my timing leaves something to be desired. Just something about smoking, cooling and reheating to serve takes away from the nostalgia of the process. Oh ,well -- I have got a lot to learn !!! Thanks for all your help-- This forum has been so much help to me getting started--- hope I can contribute at some point in time !!
well wild bill!!! Let's see... by now, I will assume that you cooked that bad boy to about 200 or so, found it to be fork tender, wrapped it up comfy in foil.... maybe with some added moistrue... then refrigerated...

so you should probably be thinkin about taking that baby -- still in the foil -- and setting it back in the smoker or in the oven, at about 225, for something on the order of 2 hrs, til it gets to 160. Put it in around 9 am and you should be good to go for noon.

Is that the plan??
At 12 hr, my temp was at 180,opened to take a look, turn etc, looked great,nice bark. Readjusted my temp. probe-- big mistake- never could find another 180 spot. Kicked the temp up to 250 for 3 more hours. Total of 15--- 195. Foiled then to the cooler then me to bed. In the oven now just like you said. Wow , this sure looks good. Will let you know how it turns out. I am convinced-- "Even a blind sow can find a acorn every once in a while " Thanks again !!!
i'm unclear... did it go into the party cooler to stay hot all night, or did it go into the fridge to chill? If yer chillin, need to try to cool it -- on the counter, in a freezer, in an ice bath -- before fridge. If it is 200 deg. and gets tightly wrapped and goes to the fridge, it will take a long time -- too long -- to cool down. remember, shouldn't be between 40 and 140 for more than 4 hrs total.
Sorry- I thought my post had been lost( I guess I did not look very good). I went to the cooler to help collagen breakdown?????(maybe not the right terminology?)then to the refrigerator.It was an outstanding piece of meat . Everyone was quite complimentary. I am my own worst critic in that , I thought it was a just a little dry. When I got ready to cut ,that fat cap had disappeared,I guess maybe I did not need that last 2 hours. I have the left side of the carcass in the freezer-same size so Iam looking for a second chance to fine tune this process.

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